Christine Warner

David Hanke
Restoration Anglican, Arlington, VA

Sami DiPasquale
St. Clements, El Paso, TX

Bill Haley
The Falls Church, VA

Clifton Warner
Christ Church, Austin, TX

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Christine Warner | Director

Born and raised in Guatemala, Christine witnessed the power and mercy of Jesus Christ in a context of poverty, violence, and civil war. To this day she is most drawn to the frontiers of God’s kingdom where light is pushing back darkness, and where men and women are formed in the crucible of sacrificial service. In the United States she has also been involved in campus ministry, urban mission on the Mexican border, and church planting in Austin, Texas. She also teaches writing at a small liberal arts university, chairs a denominational task force for biblical justice, is on the supervising faculty of Selah (a spiritual direction training program), and is the director of Lumen: Center for Mission and Spirituality (a ministry for spiritual formation and spiritual direction).

Christine, along with her pastor husband and four children, lives in Austin, Texas, spending summers in Guatemala’s city dump serving in ministry to and with staff who are pouring their lives out for the poorest of the poor. Christine’s particular emphasis is working with justice workers and mission/ministry staff within the U.S. and internationally.

Steering Committee
Clifton Warner

Cliff has been Rector of Christ Church since moving to Austin in 2006 with his wife, Christine, and four children. Before coming to Austin, he was Pastor of Community and Mission and founder of Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach, an urban mission in downtown El Paso, TX. Before serving on the U.S.-Mexico border, Cliff completed theological studies at Regent College, served migrant farmers and prison inmates, and worked in a church small group ministry and on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Texas.

He is excited to be back in the city of Austin and near UT where he discovered his call to ministry, fell in love with his wife, and grew into abiding love with Jesus. Cliff enjoys the Austin outdoors, kayaking, running, hiking, reading, cooking, and the adventure of life with Christine, Brendan, Cormac, Skye and Bronwyn.

David Hanke

David grew up in Virginia, spending a lot of years in Williamsburg. In 1994, he moved to Texas and worked for ten years with students at The University of Texas at Austin. A lot of those years were spent in coffee shops talking about hard questions and what it means to have a relationship with God. David’s goal was to develop leaders who multiplied themselves into others and to build multi-ethnic communities that revealed the reconciliation power of the Gospel.

In 2004, David and his family headed to the North Shore of Boston so he could complete a Master of Divinity degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. During seminary the Hanke’s worshiped at Christ Episcopal Church and fell in love with the three streams (evangelical, charismatic, catholic) of historic Anglicanism.

In 2006, the Hanke’s moved to Arlington so David could work as an Assistant Rector at The Falls Church. A group of friends and David started praying in 2008 about starting a new church. That dream became Restoration on Jan 25, 2009.

Laurel and David got married in 1997. They have 4 kids: Macrae (’01), Bennett (’04), Helen (’07), and James Howard (’10). As a family the Hanke’s love bike riding, camping, going to the beach, reading stories, and playing lots of Uno and Monopoly.

Bill Haley

Rev. Bill Haley is the Associate Rector of The Falls Church Anglican near Washington DC, and the Executive Director of Coracle, a ministry of “Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action”. A graduate of Bethel University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Bill has been a spiritual director for over 10 years. His life has been profoundly shaped by many international experiences, particularly in places of deep brokenness in the world, and he has devoted many years to ministering in urban contexts, especially in inner-city Washington DC. With his wife Tara and four kids, Bill lives at Corhaven in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.


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