Below are resources in the form of video, ministries, curriculum, Lenten devotional on racial brokenness and healing, appeals for support…all submitted by participants of the Matthew 25 Gathering


Building Veterans is a peer to peer supportive recovery program with a holistic approach. Program participants live in supportive housing, attend mandatory classes and either work, attend school or volunteer in the community. They support those who struggle with personal issues and addictions. Each person sets his own pace within the parameters of the program. Participants are encouraged to work together to refocus and reintegrate into the larger community. Building Veterans partners with other organizations to identify those who would be best served by our peer to peer immersion program focusing on providing help for those struggling with addictions associated with PTSD, head and brain trauma, and depression.

Allies Against Slavery

Allies Against Slavery develops community networks that build slave-free cities. Their mission is to:

  1. Engage and mobilize the community through advocacy, education and activism initiatives
  2. Support and empower local survivors of human trafficking alongside our partners
  3. Coordinate the Slave-Free City Network

We Are Allies Against Slavery – video
Our Mission: Building Slave-Free Cities – video

Immanuel Church Vancouver, Canada

Immanuel Vancouver is an intentionally diverse church community of people from different social and economic backgrounds, particularly focussed on including people who don’t normally associate themselves with church.
Learn more – video

Arizona Neighborhood Transformation
Arizona Neighborhood Transformation concentrates efforts on long term solutions that break the cycle of poverty and disease. They train, equip, and empower people to do for themselves, focusing on development rather than relief, and disease prevention rather than cure.
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Casa Chirilagua
Casa Chirilagua is a community of people “learning together to love their neighbors as themselves” in a Latino neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia. Their nine staff members and over 100 weekly volunteers serve more than 80 children (1st-12th grades) and their families via multiple programs. Casa Chirilagua‘s mission is “Developing relationships with families to see the Chirilagua neighborhood transformed by Christ.”
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Ciudad Nueva
Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach envisions a thriving Rio Grande neighborhood with residents participating at every level of neighborhood transformation to cultivate restored hopes and new dreams…a new city! In 2004, they started walking alongside just 10 third graders in the Rio Grande Historic District. Ten years later, Ciudad Nueva is building long-term relationships with hundreds of kids and their families through after-school programming, mentoring, summer camps, soccer teams, financial literacy programs and community dinners. They are empowering youth, supporting families, equipping leaders and strengthening community.
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Earthen Vessels
Earthen Vessels Outreach serves several communities in the East End of Pittsburgh—Friendship, Garfield, Bloomfield, East Liberty, Lawrenceville, Wilkinsburg, Lincoln-Larimer, Homewood and others within a 3 mile radius. Many children from these neighborhoods are economically, academically and socially disadvantaged. EVOM invests daily in the lives of these children to help them become successful, contributing, functioning members of society.
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A Rocha Creation Care Camp
A Rocha has a newly published VBS curriculum called Wild Wonder. Designed for elementary school-aged children, this curriculum weaves wonder of the natural world into a deeper knowledge of Jesus and his creation, encouraging children to delight in God as the creator, redeemer, and sustainer of all things. Through daily devotions in scripture, nature study and exploration, great music from Nashville artists, and hands-on science activities, this camp is a great way to incorporating all of God’s creation into the spiritual formation of children.
Wild Wonder.pdf

A Rocha Community Hub
A Rocha is building a free online community dedicated to creating and curating educational resources, program ideas, and recommendations for your local context. In the A Rocha Community Hub, you can ask questions and share ideas as you practice conservation in your place. There are backyard how-to guides, weed and birding walk templates, and pollinator garden guides, as well as theological content, songs, and worship aids. A Rocha would love for you to join and start contributing to the Hub!
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Bonton Farms
An agricultural intervention to restore lives, create jobs and ignite hope in the most forgotten and neglected neighborhoods for the most marginalized and vulnerable people. Bonton is a South Dallas community where 85% of men have been to prison, poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce. Bonton is also a “Food Desert”, where access to healthy foods is non-existent.
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ARDF Houston Harvey
Hurricane Harvey has already displaced tens of thousands in south Texas and Louisiana, and the rains and flooding and meteorologists measured the rain in feet, not inches, and this has caused catastrophic damage to the region. ARDF is the official relief and development arm of the Anglican Church in North America.
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Anglican Relief and Development Fund
ARDF exists simply to facilitate genuine relationships that already exist between Anglicans here in North America and our brothers and sisters around the developing world. Thanks to your faith, ARDF is expanding rapidly and achieving a level of support and international recognition beyond our wildest expectations. This growing momentum is helping to keep social justice and love for the poor at the forefront of Anglican ministry here in North America. Watch a video about ARDF’s exciting growth.
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All Nations Christian Academy
All Nations is a private, Christian school in New Haven, CT that believes that the care and education of a child are a parent’s most important consideration. They strive to meet the cognitive, social, and emotional growth of each individual child in a caring and supportive atmosphere.
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Restoration Immigration Legal Aid
RILA strives to provide excellent legal counsel and representation for immigrant families. RILA is committed to walking alongside immigrant families throughout the immigration process, advocating on their behalf and offering encouragement, support and assurance that they are not alone.

The Border Mission
Trinity on the Border is a chapel and outreach ministry working along the South Texas/Mexico border. They provide health care as well as pastoral and sacramental ministry to the poor and to detained asylum seekers. Trinity on the Border is partnering with various ministries on both sides of the border which serve immigrants, the poor, and the deaf.
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World Relief: Refugee
World Relief stands with the vulnerable and partners with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transform lives and build sustainable communities. With initiatives that focus on disaster response, health and child development, refugee and immigration services, economic development and peacebuilding, they work holistically with the local church to stand for the sick, the widowed, the orphaned, the alienated, the displaced, the devastated, the marginalized and the disenfranchised.
The Stranger – video
Thinking Biblically about Refugees and Immigration – PDF
Hana & Saeed – video
Dyan Comes Home – video
“Is Justice Worth It?” – video
I Was a Stranger – video

Community First
Community First! Village, a 27-acre master planned development, is a transformative community for the chronically homeless in Austin, Texas. It is specifically designed to lift the chronically homeless off the streets of the Austin area and offer them a place to call home, helping them to heal from the ravages of life on the streets, allowing them to rediscover a purpose in their lives, and then going out and beginning to care for others in the world.
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The Lamb Center
The Lamb Center has been working with churches, schools and businesses to help address homelessness in the Fairfax, VA area since 1992. Their staff works alongside volunteers to care, counsel and assist the homeless.
NBC Washington Post

Feeding Hands Pantry
Feeding Hands exists to live out God’s commandment to care for the poor by loving and serving our neighbors in need. They distribute almost 10,000 pounds of meat, produce and non-perishables each month to veterans, the working poor, persons with disabilities, seniors and the unemployed. Approximately 40% of their guests walk to their pantry as they do not have automobiles. Many use 75% or more of their income to live in boarding houses where there is not even a communal kitchen. And all this takes place in the county seat of one of the richest counties in America.
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Church Army
Church Army are Christ-centered, mission-focused Evangelists, Candidates, volunteers and donors, rooted in the Anglican Communion, who are committed to serving, reaching and loving broken, rejected, sad, disconnected and hurting people with a message of hope, love and joy. They specialize in working outside church buildings through addiction centers, urban farming, jails and prisons, café ministries, streets and back alleys, schools, senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes, housing developments and more as needed.
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Open Door Canada
The Open Door is a drop-in centre providing services to homeless and low-income people in downtown Montreal. The centre provides food and clothing, laundry services, shelter during the day, counselling, referrals to professional mental health and drug addiction counsellors, and employment assistance. The Open Door also helps its clients obtain medical assistance, free prescription eyeglasses, haircuts, and assistance in coping with gambling, alcohol or substance abuse.
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Canada: Living Edge
Since 2011, Living Edge has been freely providing groceries and plated hot dinners on a weekly basis in the Quadra Village neighborhood in Victoria, BC. They specialize in distributing fresh food – not just canned goods – to local residents. Their dedicated volunteers serve the hundreds of families and individuals from the Quadra Village community that attend their weekly events. They also offer a life conversations group, support to families in crisis, and referrals to counselors.
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Five Loaves Food Pantry
Five Loaves mission is to Minister compassion and the love of Jesus Christ by serving the hungry of the Virginia Peninsula.
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The Mission Cincinnati
The Mission Cincinnati is a brand new church plant growing in the neighborhoods of East Walnut Hills, Walnut Hills, Evanston, and Clifton. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, they are following God’s call to see diverse and contemporary expression of the ancient Christian community of faith planted in inner-city Cincinnati.
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HeartBound Ministries
HeartBound believes that a prison system can be more than just a place where people “serve time.” They believe a prison system can be a place where lives are healed, transformed, and restored. HeartBound Ministries is a non-profit outreach organization that supports and equips the work of Georgia prison chaplains and provides programs and resources to meet the needs of the prison community — correctional staff, inmates, and their families — changing the culture from one of crime and incarceration to hope and restoration. Since 2003, HeartBound has partnered with prison chaplains and volunteers to provide counseling, literacy services, computer labs and instruction, life skills training, parenting classes, spiritual guidance and other life-changing programs for youth and adult offenders and their families.
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A Story of Transformation

The Repentance Project
“The Repentance Project: An American Lent”… Interactive Lenten reflection for individuals or a community on the legacy of African American racial brokenness creating opportunities for repentance, healing, and a just future as followers of Christ.