2017 Gathering Program

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
David Roseberry: Introduction

We are a people of the Word and ground ourselves in Scripture, so we begin our time with a study on Isaiah 58 by Canon David Roseberry.

Clifton Warner: Framing the Narrative

Father Clifton Warner offers “the story” of this Gathering and the “why” and “where” of our key words: Anglican; Justice and Mercy; Shalom; Contending; Gathering.

Daniel Lizarraga: Shalom

Canon Daniel Lizarraga unpacks a Biblical and church-historical understanding of “Shalom,” and how we we seek it in our world while we also seek in our our own persons.

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Albert Thompson: A History of Race in the U.S. and the Church

Most ministries represented in Matthew 25 work among people of color, so we ask the question “What is the correlation between poverty in North America and race?” Professor Albert Thompson gives us the gift of understanding our story as Anglicans in North American who seek to understand the legacy of our history in relation to racial brokenness and healing.

David Hanke: Panel Introduction

Father David Hanke leads our panel discussion on racial brokenness and racial healing which includes Father Chris Jones, Father Bill Haley, Greenhouse’s Jubilee Betsy Rager, Rev. Patty Brown.

Bill Walker: A Sacramental, Anglican Theology of Justice

Dr. Rev. Bill Walker presents a distinctly Anglican Theological Reflection on Justice based on a Sacramental, Eucharistic Theology.

Maralee Gutierrez: How does Cultural Competency catalyze Racial Healing?

Maralee Gutierrez gives us some powerful tools as we missionally think through our cultural and racial narratives that shape us and can build bridges as we grow in self-awareness and awareness of other’s backgrounds and stories. These are cross-cultural skills that missionaries have used for centuries that we can apply to our own national contexts.

Matthew Soerens: Welcoming the Stranger

Matthew Soerens, author of Welcoming the Stranger, offers a Biblical perspective of immigration and refugees as a people grounded in Scripture obeying God’s heart for the “stranger” and addresses the concerns and myths related to our current global challenges.

Erin Clifford: Persevering in our Calling to Work for Justice

Erin Clifford, inspires us with the “big picture,” who we are as God’s people of light in a world of darkness and encourages us to place ourselves in God’s presence in creative ways that allow us to engage in flourishing in our contexts of brokenness and discouragement.

Friday, September 29, 2017
Cliff Warner: Reframe

Father Clifton Warner ties the Gathering together, making sense of the streams and themes discussed during these three days and offers us a vision for who and how we are to be as we leave this place.

David Hanke: Eucharist Sermon

Father David Hanke reminds us that in these fractured times, personally and in ministry and in our nations, we must return to a life of surrender and forgiveness, over and over, as we walk the Jesus Way.