Plenary Speakers

Dr. Vincent Bacote, from Wheaton College, will join us to unpack how to engage our current cultural landscape, how to live out or calling to contend for shalom when civil discourse seems to be lost. We want to discuss what hopeful tools and vision can help us practically to live both in the kingdom of God and our current North American cultures.
Dr. David Leong, from Seattle Pacific, will be with us to speak about moving from ‘patterns of exclusion’ to ‘communities of belonging’ and discuss how race and urban geography both make our work of justice and mercy necessary and more difficult.  We believe Dr. Leong can help us understand the causes of structural sin and inspire us to keep working to change those structures as we seek to be agents of reconciliation.


Other Anglicans in North America will share with us how they are engaged in ministries of justice and mercy as well as lead workshops on the following topics:

 Anglican Social Teaching

 Fundraising and Grants

 Holistic Community Development

 Homelessness

 Peacemaking

 Immigration Legal Aid

 Soul Care Prayer Practices

 Multi-ethnic Church Planting

 Caring for the Physically Vulnerable

 Creation Care and Agricultural Ministries

 Human Trafficking, Refugees

 Systemic Injustice and Advocacy as a Response

 Elder Care

 Addiction and Substance Abuse

We will have an opportunity for a soul care retreat prior to the Gathering and visits afterward to the African American Museum and Museum of the Bible. We will also have trained leaders offering Prayer Ministry during our three days together.